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Joliet Warehouse Workers File Class Action Lawsuit

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Joliet Nerald-News
Cindy Cain

CHICAGO — Employees of the Kraft/Cadbury warehouse in Joliet filed a class-action lawsuit Monday morning in U.S. District Court that claims they were cheated out of wages by Prologistix, the company that employs them.

The employees were assisted by Warehouse Workers for Justice, the Chicago-based organization that has been working to improve conditions for Will County warehouse workers for almost two years. This is the fourth class-action lawsuit and eighth legal action taken by the organization.

In latest lawsuit, workers allege that they are owed vacation pay and they were never given written notices of their wage rates.

“We worked hard to make sure that Kraft got their products to store shelves on time,” said Chris Craig, who worked in the warehouse for eight months. “All we ask in return is that these companies follow the law (and) pay us the wages and benefits they owe us.”

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