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Group Keeps Pressure On For Jobs

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Times Weekly

The group MoveOn met for the second time in front of Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s office recently to hear speakers and to rally around the idea of creating jobs rather than cuts in important services. Organized by, this was one of hundreds of similar rallies held all across the country.

Among the key speakers were Tom Villanova from the Chicago Building and Construction Trades Council who spoke about the jobs crisis in Will and Cook Counties. He was followed by Marie Lindsey, PhD, APN, CNP, associate Professor at the University of St. Francis, who spoke about the critical shortage of nursing teachers and nurses for our country’s aging population. Abe Mwaura from the Warehouse Workers for Justice organization spoke about the over 30,000 warehouse workers working in Will County, 25% of whom are also on public aid because their pay is so low and about how the practice of using “Perma-Temps” is keeping wages low. Rev. Craig Purchase, pastor of Mt. Zion Full Gospel Tabernacle and also recent president of the local Rainbow Push Coalition, spoke about the critical shortage of jobs in Joliet and how important it is to get people back to work. Other attendees spoke about their situations with layoffs, foreclosures, etc., all due to lack of jobs.

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Warehouse Workers for Justice Gets National Attention

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The Times Weekly

Cornell West, Princeton professor, and PBS talk show Host Tavis Smiley stopped in Joliet on Sunday to hear The Warehouse Workers for Justice explain their issues on one of the stops Smiley and West made during their 15 city Poverty bus tour.

They made a stop in Joliet on Sunday and spoke with the Warehouse Workers organization at their headquarters in Sacred Heart Church in Joliet.

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Tavis Smiley stops in Joliet to meet with warehouse workers

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Aurora Beacon News
By Brian Stanley

JOLIET — National public radio hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West make their living by talking.

On Sunday they listened to local warehouse workers talk about trying to make a living.

On the second day of a cross-country bus tour to promote a public focus on poverty, “Smiley & West” stopped at Sacred Heart Church to meet with about 60 members of the Warehouse Workers For Justice.

The group organized in 2008 to improve conditions and educate workers at the 300 warehouses in Will County.

“Any legal job is important, but warehouse workers are paid the least and disrespected,” organizer Cindy Marble said. “Everything you touch has gone through the hands of a warehouse worker. Without us you’d have a bunch of empty shelves for everybody.”

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