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Daily Kos: Why is there so little respect for hard work in the USA?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Bob Simpson
Daily Kos

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Take care, TCB—- from the song €œ”Respect”€ by Otis Redding

If you drive down I-55 or I-80 out of Chicago toward Joliet, they are hard to miss. Sprawling boxy-looking buildings, often windowless, but with constant activity as semi’€™s pull up to disgorge their contents. These are the warehouses of Will County, where goods meant mostly for North America’€™s big box stores are routed to their ultimate destinations. They employ thousands of people, mostly people of color, many of them immigrants. It is one of the largest and fasting growing USA centers for product distribution by truck and rail.

It was among those warehouses that Uylonda Dickerson, a single mom, found a job. What she did not find was respect. Not only was the pay rock-bottom, but when she reported for work, she was often sent home instead, because there was not enough to do. This is in direct violation of Illinois law, making it a case of wage theft. If workers are scheduled to work, but are sent home, the company must pay them at least 4 hours of wages.

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