Our Vision For Justice:

  • Living wage jobs
    Warehouse workers should earn enough to support our families and our communities.

  • A pathway to stable employment
    The "temp system" in the warehouses must be replaced with stable, permanent jobs with regular hours.

  • Enforcement of wage and hour laws
    Warehouse workers should not have to face theft of wages or unpaid overtime.

  • A safe workplace
    Too many of us are suffering injuries in the warehouses due to employer negligence. We demand safe jobs for all warehouse workers.

  • Decent benefits
    We need affordable health insurance and sick days.

  • An end to discrimination
    We want a workplace free from discrimination based on race, gender and national origin.

  • The right to organize
    We want the freedom to form a union free from employer intimidation.

JOIN US as we stand together build a movement for justice for all warehouse workers and a better community.